Omnicarbon strongly believes that our customers must be our key focus and not our competitors in driving design of Omnicarbon™. Our client base includes civic councils and organisations that work closely with councils and cities to achieve sustainability, resilience and decarbonisation. Omnicarbon has established a product research forum which includes sustainability officers from civic councils and  industry sustainability experts. As an initial baseline we have documented a number of use cases elicited from council smart city projects and identified customer personas. This forum is validating the assumptions, use cases and conceptual designs of Omnicarbon™. This approach allows Omnicarbon to keep its early customer acquisition costs to a minimum and involves our clients as part of a design research community.


Omnicarbon has a part-time social media capability currently via twitter (@businesscarbon). We plan to extend this capability to Linkedin, Facebook and major blog sites. This will support thought leadership for cities SRD and will provide primary support for key SRD interest and NFP organisations.  We also plan to commence a thought leadership podcast in SRD in 2020 to assist with driving change.

ACN: 606 960 061