SRD Cities Methodology


Omnicarbon will assess smart city problems explicitly within an Sustainability, Resiliency and Decarbonisation lens. We have developed a Cities SRD methodology. No other existing product on the Smart Cities market approaches smart cities from this perspective. We are disrupting the smart cities approach. Omnicarbon SRD methodology asks cities -


  1. What is the problem?How does this impact citizens? Council value chain?

  2. What data do we have that can help solve the problem?

  3. How do we consistently define our data? What is the sources of our data?

  4. What incremental data do we need to capture to have a full-value data set to solve the problem?

  5. What capability do we require to capture additional data?

  6. What data do we require to assess how the capability meets our SDG’s?

  7. What data do we require to assess how the capability meets the Paris 1.5 degree target?

  8. What data do we require to assess how the capability implements Project Drawdown goals?

  9. What is the ROI of a capability in real time? What is the value of the incremental IoT device data?

  10. What actions can we formulate form this data to further meet the Paris 1.5 degree target  and/or SDG’s?

  11. Will this dataset be open to the public ?


Omnicarbon platform solution overview

Omnicarbon™ is an enabler to drive a rapid change in Sustainability, Resiliency and Decarbonisation(SRD) for cities and regions. The platform drives from the perspective of SRD first. Omnicarbon™ will be designed to be deployed by civic councils and other governments, special interest group or community organisations independent of government. Omnicarbon™ is the world’s first “AI Core” smart city platform and includes-


  • Support for the provision of open data sets to support SRD use cases including -Climate change: mitigation and adaptation, sustainable urban mobility, sustainable land use, nature and biodiversity, air quality, noise,waste, water, green growth and eco-innovation, energy performance and governance.

  • Capability for data capture, enrichment, consolidation and transformation to track SDG’s, ISO resiliency metrics and tracking against the Paris 1.5 limit target.

  • An incredible easy user interface to view and analyse data for city staff and communities.

  • Application of an “AI core” to ensure analyse and direct actions to achieve maximum value on for, sustainability, resilience and decarbonisation outcomes of cities. The AI core will manage our cities methodology. The AI core will also provide Data Science as a Service(DSaaS) for all cities at much lower than the cost of hiring a permanent Data scientist that most councils cannot afford. Our partner, Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute (MEMSI) at Monash University in Melbourne have signed an agreement with Omnicarbon Pty Ltd to provide a set resource to assist in the research and development of an AI/Machine learning capability within Omnicarbon™. Monash will be guided by our own Technical  team at Omnicarbon.

  • Real-time ROI calculations for all data sets. Plus analytics on who is using the data, how often and for what purpose.

  • Capability to define data semantics, definitions, data ownership via  a data catalogue for all city data independent of technology solutions. Data owned and defined by cities.

  • Integration to backend operational systems.

  • A platform to deploy the most innovative sustainability, resilience and decarbonisation  technologies for smart cities. Our platform is an enabler for these key technologies. We will take a modular approach to extension of our services.

  • Application of distributed ledgers where we find applicable use cases in sharing of data between cities, communities and industry partners.

  • Capability to scale to multi-domains and high data volumes across cities.

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