Omnicarbon™ partners with cities to provide a smart city platform which enables and provides focus for cities to achieve a sustainable, resilient and decarbonised future. – Sustainability, Resilience and Decarbonisation(SRD) data by the people, of the people, for the planet.

Omnicarbon™ brings Sustainability, Resilience and Decarbonisation (SRD) to the forefront of smart cities. SRD data is collected and analysed to provide information and actions which enable cities  to meet the Sustainable development goals (SDGs), city resiliency targets and meet the agreed 1.5 degrees Paris limit.

Omnicarbon™ is the world’s first AI Core smart city platform which combines the most innovative high impact sustainability, resilience and decarbonisation technologies to be deployed via cities. We will look to enable a regional based approach clustering communities together to maximise economies of a scale and deliver a transparent data collaboration experience. Omnicarbon™ supports standard smart city capabilities such as bins and parking sensor data and traffic management and it analyses all capabilities  through the lens of Sustainability, Resilience and Decarbonisation outcomes. This is a key differentiator against all existing smart city platforms.


The Formula


“Sustainability+Resilience+Decarbon+Omnicarbon Data = The Next Level in smart cities“